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Used Broadcast Equipment for Sale - October 2016
 Qty Item NTSC format Price CAD Each 
  1 Fuji 18x7.6 BERM HD lens with 2x extender, preset zoom limits, no scratches, B4 mount supports 2/3" format cameras, comes with Fuji ERD-T22 zoom control, asking $7,800. Panasonic HDX-900 camcorder, 1600 operation and 500 drum hours, includes HVF21G viewfinder, Rode microphone, Kata camera cover, and grey hard camera case, has a great selection of gammas to create a nice film look, in excellent condition, asking $2,600. Call Jamie Ross at 403 816-8243. Lens and camera package price: $10,000  
  1 VeCOAX-PRO1-A-SD analog to digital encoder, frequency agile ATSC modulator, and simple PSIP generator: converts NTSC video and analog audio inputs into a 19 MB 480i ATSC RF channel, featuring a broadcast-grade 14bit digital input with 4:4:4 processing, has IPTV output and ASI in/outputs, like new condition. $900  
  1 Sony PDW-D1 XDCAM disk drive unit, records and plays back MPEG IMX and DVCAM formats, Firewire in/out, AC/DC operation. $800  
  2 Doremi V1D digital video/audio recorders, composite, S-Video, and SDI in/out, balanced audio in/out, component input, records DCT (MJPEG) up to 88 mps, RS422, SCSI interface, with 2 147G hard drives. $450  
  1 Mole Richardson lighting package including: type 2001 Junior Combo Solarspot 10" fresnel with 4 leaf barndoor, 2 type 4281 8" Molequartz Solarspot fresnels, type 41494 Senior stand, 2 type 410138 Junior stands, 2 type 41310 snoots, 4 scrims, 3 gel holders, 3 T20 1000W blubs, 2 CYX 2000W blubs, very good condition, no road use, LED retrofit kits are available. $1200  
  1 Sony DSR-45 DVCAM digital VCR, 2" LCD monitor, 4 channel audio, composite, S-Video, component, and TC in/outputs, RS-422A interface, genlock. $400  
  1 Ross RVS-216A 16 input analog production switcher: 3 bus multi-level effects system, 53 wipe patterns, 3 DSK sources, 12 event memory, digital upgrade available, very clean, recently tested and aligned to spec, includes Leitch SPG-130N sync pulse generator. $2500  
  1 Sony PCM-7030 DAT recorder, 2-channel digital audio recording with time code, variable speed 12.5%, RS422 control, confidence heads. $200  
  1 360 Systems Digicart II Plus audio hard drive recorder. $250  
  1 Panasonic DMR-E85 120GB hard drive and DVD recorder/player, de-interlacer with 3-2 pulldown processing, selectable component progressive or interlaced video output, remote. $200  
  1 Pioneer CLD-S105 CD/laser disk player, digital video processing, AC-3, RF out. $150  
  1 Counterpoint SA-7 dual channel tube preamplifier. $500  
  1 Yamaha MV802 rack mount 8-channel, 2-bus, stereo mixer, made in Japan. $90  
  1 Mission model 700S vintage speakers with new drivers including original Vifa tweeters, 100 watts power handling, for pair. $150  
  1 Roland MA-12C powered micro monitors, low and high boost controls, microphone, instrument, and line inputs, for pair. $200  
  1 Crown (Amcron) D-60 stereo power amplifier, 30 watts per channel, rack mount. $150  
  1 Citronic Predator professional DJ mixer in good condition, has 4 stereo line inputs, 3 RIAA phono inputs, 2 balanced/unbalanced mic inputs, British EQs. $200  
  1 Kintek KT-903 mono audio to stereo converter. $400  
  1 Zsys z-2src 24-bit/96 kHz real time audio sample rate converter. $450  
  1 Tascam IF-AE8HR eight channel audio high resolution tdIF to AES/EBU format converter. $350  
  1 Ultramatch Pro SRC2496 24-Bit/96 kHz audio A/D-D/A and sample rate converter. $100  
  5 Match-Maker MM100, impedance level matching interfaces, dual balanced XLR input/output connections and unbalanced RCA phono inputs/outputs. $150  
  1 AJA IO 10-Bit SD-SDI and 10-Bit analog capture and output device, for Final Cut Pro users, rackmount. $450  
  1 Ocean Matrix 8-port Firewire patchbay. $100  
  2 Sony DMIF-1000 digital monitor interface units: SDI to Betacam analog converters. $300  
  2 Sony PVW-2800 Betacam editors, TBC, TC reader/generator, component, composite, and S-video inputs/outputs, reconditioned. $1500  
  1 Sony DBH-01AB-R (A-6050-504B) BVW-75 upper and lower head drum, new in sealed box. $1500  
  1 Sony part: A-8267-571-E DVW-A500 and DVW-A510 slip ring/brush assembly, new in sealed box. $1000  
  1 Sony SVRM-100 jog/shuttle remote control unit, will control Sony UVW series decks. $150  
  1 Sony VO-7600 3/4" U-Matic VCR, runs well. $250  
  3 Panasonic model WV-5203B: 3 five inch black and white monitors in a 19" rack mount. $100  
  3 HP QA 100 quality advisor/legaliser units with SDI video input. $600  
  1 Tektronix WFM 601A serial component vector/waveform monitor. $900  
  1 Hitachi V-089 vectorscope, small portable size. $350  
  1 Tektronix 1730 waveform monitor. $400  
  1 Tektronix 1720 vectorscope. $400  
  2 Tektronix 4U rack mount cases, mount 2 Tektronix scopes side by side. $100  
  1 McCurdy VDA-41 1X6 output video distribution amplifier, small footprint. $150  
  1 BVS SA100 1U rack mount analog safe area generator 4:3 or 16:9 video patterns. $350  
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